In this 3-hour art performance, five self-balancing robots will be remote controlled via smart phones by audience members, ages 5 and up; culminating in a semi-organized choreographed event.

The performance will last for 3 hours where the audience gets to operate the 5 self-balancing robots via their smart phone. Ages five and up will be encouraged to take control of a robot and learn to control it on a practice obstacle course. The best operators will be asked to return before the last half hour, when they will attempt a more formal choreographed performance.

We estimate that over 60 people will have a chance to operate the robots. We expect the majority of operators will be children, but adults will not be discouraged.

In addition, we will have information available on a self-standing billboard explaining how the robots self-balance, how they are controlled and how people can make their own self-balancing robots.

One additional option is to turn it into a game—balls balancing on the robots could be used to play basketball-type game.
A second option is to conduct a workshop, where people get to build their own self-balancing robots and then perform them.

Watch the Artbots in action on YouTube!

Standard Neighborhood Event Rate: $900 for a 3 hour event

Standard Event Includes:
Setting up the performance.
Talking with people about how the robots work.
The performance (2 and a half hours of many people learning to operate bots, followed by half hour of semi-organized choreographed performance).
Helping people control the robots themselves.
Cleanup and takeaway.

Additional and customizable options:
Workshop where people create their own self-balancing robots and then get a chance to perform them.
Competitive games where bots are driven to a central hoop, where a simple tapping into the hoop scores a point.

Corporate / Large Event Rate:
Large events or workshops require additional staff and fees, please get in touch for a specific quote.

Additional Links:
Artbots on YouTube

Transport Size–this is generally the smallest size, use this to determine fit through doors, etc. (LxWxH): 2′ x 2′ x 6′

Transport Details: by car

Footprint–how much space is ideal for basic set-up (LxWxH): A minimum of 15’ x 15’ area…20’ x 20’ is preferable.

Additional Specification Details:
Requires normal 110 AC Power.
Internet access not required.
Require a flat performance surface of about 15′ square or greater.
Preferable indoors or a sheltered outdoor area. (Wind gusts are an issue.)


About the Artist

Remo Campopiano

based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Remo Campopiano is a sculptor/roboticist of national repute. Recently, Campopiano returned to the Twin Cities where he founded the XYZ club which created this project and is now working on cloning 3d printers.

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