DSMobile is a trailer equipped with amenities and materials to turn any outdoor space into an activated gathering destination. It is also Arts, crafts, and game equipped for Art related activities.

The mission of the DS Mobile is to engage private groups and public communities through the Arts. Our mission is to inspire creativity, while initiating conversation and opening dialogue within groups and communities.

Our vision is to interact with and engage various groups of people who may have otherwise not have been able to do so due to various limitations. We endeavor to be kind and gentle with each other and participants to ensure that ALL spaces we occupy are safe and welcoming to ALL; thus, cultivating meaningful relationships.

The DS Mobile can travel to any location in Minnesota. Our set up and beak down generally takes 30-45 minutes and can be set up in most locations, but flat surfaces are recommended. The trailer work requires two Artists to set up and activate the programming during each event.

Standard Neighborhood Event Rate: $500/4 hour event

Standard Event Includes:
-Initial engagement 2-4 hour event with two staff $500. Additional staff $150
-Creative Arts $500 – $1,500 Includes materials, programming, and staffing.

Additional and customizable options:
-Initial engagement 2-4 hour event with two staff $500. Additional staff $150
-Creative Arts $500 – $1,500 Includes materials, programming, and staffing.
-Community engagement surveys. These options are available for $200 – $500.
-Additional event entertainment available at additional cost – depending on Artist fees.
-Movement activities Dance, Outdoor exercise, yoga – depending on Artist fees.

Corporate / Large Event Rate:
-Corporate and large events 2-4 hours with two staff $750
-Additional staff members $200 each
-Materials $750 – 2,500

Additional Links:
Instagram @dsbyolga



Transport Size–this is generally the smallest size, use this to determine fit through doors, etc. (LxWxH):  4′ x 6′

 Transport Details:
towed by truck

Footprint–how much space is ideal for basic set-up (LxWxH): 10′ x 20′

Additional Specification Details:
The trailer may need power depending on the activity. Otherwise, it can be set up without it.

About the Artist

Olga Nichols

based in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Olga is U of M graduate Architecture, Studio Art, Interior Design.She is an Artist organizer bringing people together/creating sense of neighborhoodness.

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