Kitchen School

NOTE: Kitchen School is on a pandemic booking pause! Kitchen School is a mobile kitchen classroom to educate the public about wellness through herbalism.

Kitchen School is a mobile kitchen classroom to educate the public about wellness through herbalism and foster community through self care. Enjoy medicinal teas and a guided conversation surrounding the vulnerabilities of having a body that gets sick, struggles emotionally, and eventual ceases. Through sharing the common experience of self care, connect with strangers, friends, and colleagues by improving daily life with the help of plants. Customize for your event with a hands on salve making workshop where participants take home their own salve or host a medicine cabinet class and learn how to make tinctures, oxymels, and infuse oil. Kitchen School is always staffed by plant enthusiast, Jess Hirsch.

Standard Neighborhood Event Rate: $400/3 hour event

Standard Event Includes:
Kitchen School will come to your location and serve 6 kinds medicinal tea for stress, immune support, brain health, respiratory health and more. Participants will sip tea and learn about the healing properties of the plants, how to identify plants, and the best way to prepare the plants. Participants can take home a recipe handout with additional information about the plants.

Additional and customizable options:
-Additional hours are billed at $100 per hour to account for materials in medicine making and staffing.

-We can customize for your event! Want to talk a particular health issue for your community, we can bring the right herbs to get the conversation going. Add $200 for custom hand outs.

-Collecting Feedback- we can collect data about what your community needs for self care. Kitchen School is a place for conversation. We can document the fruits of that conversation for your organization. $25 for printed cards

SPICE IT UP! Want your guests to take home a custom salve they made or a sample of an oxymel:
-We offer the following: Salve Making Workshop – Learn about infusing oil by making a bug bite salve, a cuts/scrape salve, and bruise reducer salve. Participants get to take home the medicine they make. Upgrade the event by adding $200
-Medicine Cabinet Workshop – Learn the key preparations for making medicine for your household. We will cover tinctures, oil infusions, decoctions, and oxymels. Participants will receive a recipe handout for each procedure. Upgrade the event by adding $200

Corporate / Large Event Rate:
Kitchen School will serve medicinal teas and offer interactive disposable cups where participants will learn about the plants they are sipping & fill out their self care wishes for the future. $1000


Transport Size–this is generally the smallest size, use this to determine fit through doors, etc. (LxWxH): 5′ x 12′ x 6′

Transport Details:
Fits through most double doors, car trailer but can be easily rolled by hand.

Footprint–how much space is ideal for basic set-up (LxWxH): 12′ x 12′ x 8′

Additional Specification Details:
This tool needs power if indoors to heat water for tea, otherwise we use our gas stove.

About the Artist

Jess Hirsch

based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jess Hirsch is a conceptual artist investigating the healing world through installation and sculpture. She received her MFA from the U of M.

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