Storymobile is a moveable community engagement space that makes it easy to collect your stories.

Collect your stories at Storymobile, an invention of the Saint Paul Almanac.
Storymobile involves a team of filmmakers, audio makers, and writers, who work with individuals and groups in writing, speaking, performing, and recording the stories of their lives.

Standard Neighborhood Event Rate: $3000 for 2 hours.

Standard Event Rate: $3000 for 2 hours.
-Before your event, we consult with you on your goals for the event and together devise questions with your objectives in mind.
-Storymobile arrives at your event one hour early and sets up.
-For two hours we ask participants questions and collect stories. Stories are filmed and podcasted. Three-to-five of our professional interviewers collect stories at the same time.
-Within fourteen days we deliver to you in Dropbox an archive of all the stories we collected at your event. The Dropbox includes professionally edited 3-minute and 6-minute films; edited podcasts (usually ten or more); multiple short films of individual interviews (usually between 25 and 50).
-Stories can also be archived in the Minnesota Digital Public Library’s permanent collection as a record of the event for future generations.

We do provide a sliding scale for small nonprofits working in communities of color.

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Transport Size–this is generally the smallest size, use this to determine fit through doors, etc. (LxWxH): The Elf is 9′ x 4’0.25″ x 5’1″  and the Storymobile Trailer is  9’ x 43” x 5’

Transport Details:
Fits through double door, on a bike trailer (can go on car trailer for locations further afield).

Footprint–how much space is ideal for basic set-up (LxWxH): 30’ x 20’ x 7’

Additional Specification Details:
The Storymobile is based in St Paul, please be in touch to determine our availability for your location.




About the Artist

St Paul Almanac

based in St Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul Almanac is a literary-centered arts organization. We share stories across cultures and cultivate dialogue to promote understanding, relationships, and collaborative action.

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