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What do we mean by “Mobile Artist Tool”?
In a literal sense of the word tool, we mean an object that is used to carry out a particular function. In this instance the function is to serve as a focal point that attracts people and then prompts conversation, participation and interaction. It is more than a tote filled with supplies or materials, we mean a specific physical object that one could point to and recognize as being essential to the purpose. Mobile Artist Tools generally:
• Are mobile—This often means they are on wheels, typically a trailer towed by a bike or car, but sometimes even a repurposed golf cart or RV (but wheels are not required!) This mobility means artist tools can go to where people are—making participation easier.
• Are participatory— An audience is invited to make or do something as part of the programming or nature of the tool.
• Have a physical structure that attracts attention—Mobile Artist Tools are out of the ordinary. Due to this, folks feel invited to approach and ask questions like: “what the heck is this thing?”, which often leads to more openness around interacting with the tool and others.

• Are purpose-built to pique curiosity and prompt interaction—Often the form of the tool itself invites interaction, but in other cases the tool provides the base and container for participatory activities.

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