How It Works

How to hire a Ready Go tool:

-Navigate to the Browse Tools page.
-Select categories to help you find relevant tools
-Determine which Ready Go tool best fits your event
-Click on the “request a booking” button that tool’s page
-You can also get in touch with the artist with questions about your specific needs (they are friendly!) Most tools can be customized in different ways, from postcard designs to various creative methods to collect feedback from community members.

If you have general questions about Ready Go, how it works or suggestions on which project may be a good fit for your event, please contact us. If you are looking to hire multiple Ready Go tools for an event, we can assist with logistics for a small fee.

If you would like to download a one-pager that contains a short description with basic pricing info for each Ready Go project, click here!

How Ready Go works for artists:

-We are always interested in adding more mobile tools to Ready Go.
-All tools on Ready Go have been used and tested before being added.
-Ready Go/Springboard for the Arts does not take a cut of artist payments, our role is to connect mobile artist tools to people looking to hire them.
-If you are an artist interested in making something for Ready Go or want to add an existing tool, please get in touch and we can determine if your tool is a good fit. There is a simple application and approval process.


Rolling Revelry in Minneapolis

Need a second opinion?

Whether booking multiple tools, managing payment, or additional consultation, we're here to help.

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