Ready Go connects neighborhoods, non-profits, businesses and individuals to artist-created, mobile tools that are purpose-built to pique curiosity and prompt interaction.

I'm interested in with art & interaction.

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Legacy and Libraries
Libraries need art too!
5 tools in Greater MN
Community Engagement
Find out what folks are thinking
6 tools in Twin Cities--will travel
Get to Where the Action Is
Mobile Tools towed by bike!
4 tools in Twin Cities--will travel
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Does it cost more for Ready Go tools to travel?

On each tools page, you will see a "From $___/day" or "/3 hour event" cost. You can think of that as the starting price for Ready Go tools.

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Can you tell me if Ready Go tool (x) is available on this date?

Our role is to connect you to the artists behind each of the great Ready Go tools found here, please use the “request a booking” button found on each tool’s page, the artist will be happy to let you know their availability.

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Why do you keep using the word "tool"?

In a literal sense of the word tool, we mean an object that is used to carry out a particular function. In this instance the function is to serve as a focal point that attracts people and then prompts conversation, participation and interaction. It is more than a tote filled with supplies or materials, we mean a specific physical object that one could point to and recognize as being essential to the purpose.

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I want to book multiple Ready Go tools for my event, can you help me coordinate that?

Yes, we can do that! Depending on how involved we are in the coordination, we may charge a nominal fee.

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Need a second opinion?

Whether booking multiple tools, managing payment, or additional consultation, we're here to help.

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