Driving to Drum

Driving to Drum is a mobile tool to experience hand drums, where we learn to play through the art of listening; engaging ourselves Heart and Soul with the Rhythms of Life. Bass + tone + slap = Play

Heart and Soul Drum Academy is in the Rondo Community of St Paul, Minnesota. We use the Djembe hand drum to express our creativity in drum circles. Some drummers have a steady bass beat, while others experiment with ranges in tone, and more drummers will add variety through “slapping” the drum to bring the bass and tones together in a harmony of rhythms. People enjoy the diversity of hand drumming because it is creative arts from many spectrums. We demonstrate basic techniques then allow drummers to discover their rhythm, experience their tone with others, and steady their beat while sitting in a drum circle with other active listeners who are seeking harmony. For youth drummers, we teach drumming, dance and life lessons to encourage them and instill health and wellness values for living. For all ages, we encourage communication and fellowship with others. Heart and Soul’s experiences performing throughout Midwestern states, encourages us to offer the tool, “Driving to Drum,” to promote creative and healthy communities as far as the RV will ride.

Standard Neighborhood Event Rate:  from $625 for a 1-hour event with 4-6 drummers.

Standard Event Includes:
Standard Neighborhood Event includes portable PA system, set-up/takedown of chairs and drums open to the public under the RV canopy. Half-hour learning blocks followed by djembe jam sessions with participants. Short videos and pictures of participants are offered via social media, text streaming and YouTube videos. Participants are asked to sign a consent/release form for their likeness on videos and social media used solely to further promotions of Ready Go Artist, “Driving to Drum.”

Additional and customizable options:
This mobile tool must be staffed, and is included in the basic package of $625.00 per hour– which includes performance,  interactive instruction and jam sessions.
Children under the age of 14, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
Events may be booked up to three hours for a reduced cost of $1,800.00
-Certified nonprofit organizations may receive other considerations, please contact for information.

Corporate / Large Event Rate:
Most drumming performances are outdoor events. The size of interactive participation is limited to 8-10 drummers per circle. Winter performances that require indoor seating have a set-up/take down fee, and require adequate seating for circles and a suitable area for drumming, i.e. acoustics. The rate is negotiable based on venue/ length of time and customization, etc. Please call or email for rate(s).

Additional Links:
Heart and Soul on YouTube

Transport Size–this is generally the smallest size, use this to determine fit through doors, etc. (LxWxH): 28’6″x 8’5.5″ x 13’6″ including A/C unit on top

Transport Details:
Tool is an RV that can be parked on street for block parties or in parking lots for park events, etc

Footprint–how much space is ideal for basic set-up (LxWxH):
Basic set up area is under the canopy which is L17′ x W10′ for outside events.

Additional Specification Details:
The RV has a generator source, with 220amp outlets for power or can be plugged into an electrical power unit for outdoor/camper use.

About the Artist

Jesse Buckner

based in St Paul, Minnesota

Baba Jesse Buckner is a percussionist whose experience spans 45+ years. He teaches djembe drumming in a National Blue Ribbon School in Minneapolis.

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