Streetcorner Letterpress

Streetcorner Letterpress invites people of all ages to print their own free postcards from a variety of papers, images, and colors.

COVID changes- Streetcorner Letterpress has been an interactive printing experience that offers custom designs and letterpress printing at events. Taking COVID into consideration, we have pivoted to offer custom, pre-printed cards and a pop-up, interactive display to bring letterpress prints to events. We’ll work with you to create artful designs that can be souvenirs, interactive prompts to engage your audience, or mailable postcards. These prints will be created on 100-year-old letterpresses, making each card its own unique, tactile keepsakes for event attendees.

Add-ons and variations are available to customize the experience at your event.

Streetcorner Letterpress is an interactive project designed for public or private events. These 100-year-old letterpresses produce 4×6 postcard-style prints with the push of a lever, and can be operated by people of any age or ability. The unique letterpresses draw a curious crowd, who are then invited to print their own postcards with images and colors customized to your event theme. Whether prints are taken home, framed, put on the fridge, or mailed to a friend, they are souvenirs from your event worth saving. Streetcorner Letterpress requires active facilitation by staff. Streetcorner Letterpress provides a fun and accessible experience that, when paired with visiting your event, will create a lasting impression (pun totally intended).

Standard Neighborhood Event Rate: $900 includes up to 3 custom print designs and colors, for 4 hours

Standard Event Includes:
Delivery, setup, takedown, staff for up to 4 hours, using 3 custom print designs and colors.

Additional and customizable options:
$75/hour for each additional hour of programming.
Repeat Events: $650 using existing print designs, up to 4 hours.

Corporate / Large Event Rate:
Same as above.


Transport Size–this is generally the smallest size, use this to determine fit through doors, etc. (LxWxH):  5’x5’x10′

Transport Details:
Fits through standard door, travels by car. Fits into most elevators. Please specify if elevator will be required.

Footprint–how much space is ideal for basic set-up (LxWxH): 10’ x 10’ x 10’

Additional Specification Details:
Disassembles into smaller parts, can be installed in almost any indoors space.

About the Artist

Amelia Foster and Giuliana Pinto

based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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