Ready Go’s mobile art projects capture attention and engage the community

May 3, 2016
By Colleen Powers

How likely are you to sit and have a conversation with a stranger in a park?

What if you could do so while playing a board game at a table under brightly colored flags, all of which popped up in your neighborhood via a mini-camping trailer? Would you be more likely to pull up a chair?

Eye-catching physical installations have a unique ability to engage people and get them interacting. That’s the idea behind Ready Go, a pilot program of Springboard for the Arts. This roster of artist-created mobile tools can be hired by organizations and community groups to engage people in public and at events. The word “tool” is used specifically, as the 12 artist-created projects that are part of the Ready Go roster are purpose-built to provide interaction and opportunities for conversation. And the tools are mobile, going to where a community needs them.
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