Pop up Picnic

Pop up Picnic is a set of handmade porcelain dishes for up to 48 people and delivered to your picnic location.

Pop up Picnic brings people together for outdoor fun and food. It is a handmade ceramic picnic on wheels and provides plates, bowls, cups, picnic blankets/tablecloths, napkins and silverware for up to 48 people. All of the ceramic items are carefully packaged into stackable crates that are delivered to your picnic location on a tricycle. It pops up into a party in your backyard, a nearby park, garden or event venue, and can be enjoyed on the grass or in a location that includes picnic tables. The set includes two folding tables for serving food and cleaning up. It is a zero waste system that includes cart-away composting and a participant enabled clean-up.

The set is fashioned to resemble a beehive and provides educational materials about how pollinators are connected to our food system. Pop up Picnic comes with delivery and set up, with clean-up assistance. It can be delivered for your enjoyment or you can customize your picnic to include staffed activities that include an interactive pollinator puzzle, recipe swapping, story sharing or pollinator education.

Standard Neighborhood Event Rate: $450 for a 3 hour event

Standard Event Includes:
Pop up picnic will deliver up to 48 handmade porcelain plates, bowls and cups, napkins and silverware, 6 picnic blankets, a folding table with a table cloth and a self-service clean-up station. In the metro area, we will deliver the pop up picnic by tricycle. Outside the metro area, your picnic will arrive by car. We will set up your picnic and assist with clean-up and break-down.

Additional and customizable options:
Extra hours: $60/hour extra for each hour past the standard 3 hour package. Hoping to hold onto the picnic for an entire day? No problem! The whole day rate is $700/day for the standard package.

Custom programming includes the following options:
– Interactive Pollinator Puzzle: The artist will assist your guests in piecing together a map of the metro area and locating local gardens, hives and other food sources. This is a fun way to investigate the local food system in the metro area. ($100 for the first hour and $60 for each additional hour of staff time)
– Recipe Swap and Storytelling: Start a conversation about food! Is your picnic a potluck? Invite your guests to bring their recipes and stories about a favorite family or cultural meal. The artist will provide a paper template where participants can write or draw their food stories and recipes. The artist will scan all of the submissions and share the files with the host. ($100 for the first hour and $60 for each additonal hour of staff time)
– Pollinator Education: The artist frequently partners with a variety of local scientists and organizations who study and work with pollinators, such as The Beez Kneez, Pollinate MN and the University of MN Bee Squad. Bring an educational component to your picnic by introducing your guests to the magical world of pollinators! Pollinator workshops are tailored to your needs and will be priced individually. Please inquire about options!
– Catering: Hoping to have your picnic catered but running short on time? We can assist! (Fees for this option vary by individual event. Please inquire for more information)
– Clean-up: Don’t really want to ask your guests to participate in clean-up? We’ll do it for you! ($150 extra for staff to wash dishes and completely clean up your event)

Collecting Feedback: Interested in what your guests think about a topic or conversation? Pop up Picnic can help collect or record that information. From a simple survey to facilitated meal-time conversations, we can help you understand your guests and their ideas. Please inquire for details.

Corporate / Large Event Rate:
Pop up Picnic is great for corporate events, too. There is a flat $1200 fee for a corporate picnic of up to 5 hours and clean-up is included. Two staff are included in this package. Additional custom programming pricing is the same.

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Transport Size–this is generally the smallest size, use this to determine fit through doors, etc. (LxWxH): 8′ long x 38″ wide x 3′ tall (this is size for tricycle loaded with picnic supplies, the picnic can be broken down to fit through a standard door)

Transport Details:
Tricycle delivery within the metro area; car delivery beyond. The tricycle fits through a double door; the picnic can be broken down to fit through a standard door.

Footprint–how much space is ideal for basic set-up (LxWxH):
Please plan on approximately 10′ x 10′ for every 8 picnic guest.

Additional Specification Details:
Pop up Picnic can squeeze or expand depending on your space, but please consider the comfort of your guests. A water source is required within 100 yards of the picnic location. Standard mileage rates apply for delivery beyond a 10 mile radius of 55406 zip code.


About the Artist

Anna Metcalfe

based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Anna Metcalfe works in the junction of social engagement and craft. She makes work inspired by water, agriculture, food and community.

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