Brand new West Central MN-based Ready Go tool– Paper Plains!

Paper Plains based in Moorhead, Minnesota joins the Ready Go roster!

Listen (or read) more about it in this story from Minnesota Public Radio’s Dan Gunderson:

Art from invasive species creates conversations about conservation
June 7, 2019

Amid the food trucks and the stands hawking arts and crafts at a street fair in Detroit Lakes last week, Anna Haglin had an unusual pitch. “Hi,” she called to passersby. “Do you want to make paper?”
Haglin is standing next to a mobile paper making studio, a small trailer that supports a flat workspace. Haglin used her hands to mix a gelatinous gray pulp into a plastic tub half full of water. She’s an experienced paper maker, turning fibers mixed with water into paper by collecting the fibers on a screen dipped in the mixture.

But this paper is different: She’s making it out of an invasive plant, reed canary grass, a common invader in Minnesota wetlands. “This stuff I picked in Moorhead near the Red River,” explains Haglin. “It grows everywhere, hence the invasive part. It’s really hard to get rid of.”



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