Paper Plains

Paper Plains is an interactive experience for participants of all ages and abilities in papermaking and native prairie planting.

Paper Plains invites the community to create paper from regionally-harvested, invasive plants. It is an interactive experience in papermaking and native prairie planting. Workshop leaders demonstrate techniques to participants and engage in a dialogue about the history of invasive plants in Minnesota. Tools in this mobile art studio are adaptable for people of all ages and abilities. The paper that participants make is unique, embedded with native prairie seeds, and carries a little piece of the Great Plains. Whether it hangs on the fridge or gets planted in the garden, handmade paper will grow the arts in your community.

Standard Neighborhood Event Rate: $575 includes 3 hours of instruction and supplies to accommodate 30-40 participants per hour facilitated by 2 trained instructors.

Standard Event Includes:
-Instruction and supplies to accommodate 30-40 participants per hour
-2 trained instructors
-Travel up to 75 miles
-Seed paper and planting instructions for each participant to take home.

Additional and customizable options:
$125/hr for extra workshop hours
$110/Fiber Foraging Workshop: We’ll come with our clippers and show participants how to identify & harvest invasive grass so that native species can grow.
$50/Customized planting instructions: We can add a logo or message to the take-home sheets.

Corporate / Large Event Rate: $775
-Individualized coordination for unique locations
-Instruction and supplies to accommodate 30-40 participants per hour
-Two trained instructors
-Travel up to 75 miles

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Transport Size–this is generally the smallest size, use this to determine fit through doors, etc. (LxWxH): 7′ x 5′ x 4′

Transport Details:
Trailer is towed distances by car, but can be wheeled by hand for distances no greater than a city block. Trailer fits through double doors.

Footprint–how much space is ideal for basic set-up (LxWxH): 18′ x 18′ x 12′

Additional Specification Details:
Can be hosted outdoors on grass or pavement, or indoors on a tile or concrete floor.
Water and electricity aren’t needed on site, but we do need to be within one city block of running water.
Written instructions in Spanish, Hmong and Somali available.

About the Artist

Anna Haglin and James Kleiner

based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Anna teaches at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and teaches college courses in print, paper and bookmaking.
James repairs unique printing and papermaking equipment.

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