WOW Mobile Metal Lab and Show

WOW celebrates the individual and collective with accessible and customized programming - collaborative public art installations, workshops/classes, make + take events and educational demonstrations.

The WOW Mobile Metal Lab – a city bus turned metal workshop on wheels – brings the entire cast metal process for all ages and abilities into communities and public spaces. Offering programming for small class sizes to large events – the WOW offers 15 minute make + takes, 3 hour workshops/classes, 2-day and week-long projects.

The WOW also offers year-round programming indoors/outdoors/other accommodations that are without the bus.

Standard Neighborhood Event Rate: 3 hours/650.00- Souvenir Artifacts Make + Take metal casting for all ages

Standard Event Includes:
Souvenir Artifacts Make + Take (all ages)
Participants choose from a collection of rubber molds (local insects/botany, found object/small toy, 3-d prints, corporate idea/logo or custom made for the occasion), pour lead-free pewter, do minimal filing and for a small sculpture, affix to a base or wearable hardware for a pendant, keychain, pin, bolo tie, etc.

Additional and customizable options:
Cuttlebone Casting Workshop (ages 12+)
Carve directly into a cuttlebone and pour lead-free pewter to create your own small sculpture, pendant, pin, etc.

Crucible Furnace Sand Molds and Aluminum/Bronze (ages 10+): Using the outdoor fire crucible furnace, participants pour into sand molds to create individual or collaborative sculpture/s or functional objects.

Programming is available year-round indoors/outdoors without the bus 3 hours/$500.00.

Custom-made/corporate idea/logo for rubber molds +$100.00.

Corporate / Large Event Rate:
The WOW can accommodate corporate/large events for 2-6 hours/100-550 participants/$650-2,000. Please inquire with your idea! I appreciate learning about communities, organizations and businesses. And, I enjoy the work of creating custom molds, programming and collaborative public sculpture installations.


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About the Artist

Sara Hanson

based in Minneapolis, MN

Sara Hanson delights in witnessing a participant’s wonder, exploration and empowerment from working with the transformative process of cast metal.

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