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The Mobile Sign Shop is housed on a trailer and holds workshops for participants to create their own, customized, carved wooden signs, inspired by the vernacular of wooden/engraved/painted/handmade signs found in National/State parks and at cabins and homes in Greater Minnesota and beyond.

The Mobile Sign Shop (MSS) is inspired by the vernacular of wooden/engraved/painted/handmade signs found in National/State parks and at cabins and homes in Greater Minnesota and beyond. The MSS is housed in a trailer that provides an attention getting location stocked with sign making supplies. This trailer is not a standard utility trailer, but recognizable as a location for activity, painted brightly, with flags and sample signs. Inserting a non-standard, incongruous tool into public space, brings out people’s curiosity and willingness to engage.

The MSS provides guidance and prompts on how to make a custom sign along with materials, paint and brushes etc. as well as staff to carve letters with a router. More than materials we provide a location for people to converse about something we all have stories about, our names and families. The MSS comes fully staffed with a facilitator and sign carver and a large table for folks to work on their signs together.


Standard Neighborhood Event Rate: Sixty sign blanks, paint and staff for three hours for $575.00

Standard Event Includes:
The Mobile Sign Shop will come to your location with sixty sign blanks, paint and staff for three hours. We will instruct participants in how to ready sign blank for carving, carve their sign and provide paint and brushes for participants to personalize their sign.

Covid Adaptations:
-A system to spread out participants across my 3 hour event timeframe- this may be a sign-up facilitated by host or on-site sign up sheet.
-Multiple small tables spaced out for individuals/families/pods with paint and brushes at each.
-Physical set up that encourages distancing.

Greater MN and beyond event rate— Our starting calculation for travel charge to events outside Hennepin/Ramsey Counties is .92 cents per mile roundtrip from South Mpls.
Depending on distance from Minneapolis, lodging/meals  or other charges may apply.

Additional and customizable options:
Additional hours billed at $100/hour (includes 20 signs/hr)

-Our standard prompt asks participants to make signs with their last name, and use it to connect with neighbors and other workshop participants.  Custom prompts are possible,  $100 for 1 hour planning meeting time and creation of custom prompt signage and facilitation. Seeking community engagement on what amenities to add to a new park? We can ask participants “What would you like to see in this park?”

-Attaching signs to stakes and pounded into ground—add $200 to Standard rate

-Can bring custom sign display board to events—add $100

-Installation of finished signs on existing or installed pole is available, price estimate determined when parameters are known. Contact with questions.

-For Greater MN or further events an additional travel fee may be required.

Corporate / Large Event Rate:
The Mobile Sign Shop, sixty sign blanks, paint and staff for three hours for $1000.00
After 3 hours and 60 signs, additional hours are billed at $200/hour (includes 20 signs/hr).

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Transport Size–this is generally the smallest size, use this to determine fit through doors, etc. (LxWxH): 7’ x 5’6” x 3’6”

Transport Details:
Fits through double/roll up door, on a car Trailer

Footprint–how much space is ideal for basic set-up (LxWxH): 10’ x 20’ x 7’

Additional Specification Details:
The Mobile Sign Shop requires access to power, sets up in about an hour and generally works best outdoors. Use of the router to carve signs is dusty and is best done outside, however signs can be painted indoors.

About the Artist

Peter Haakon Thompson

based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Peter Haakon Thompson is an artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota whose primary mediums are participation, interaction and conversation.

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