Socially distanced Ready Go!

Hello everyone!
I have been in touch with Ready Go artists about how their work could be modified to work in our current situation. See some ideas below and remember that Ready Go artists are incredibly creative and good at thinking of ways to translate their work into all sorts of situations- even in normal times!

So, as always feel free to reach out to me or Ready Go artists directly through the “request a booking” button, even if just to ask questions and start a conversation about modifying a Ready Go tool for your event.


Standard Social Distance Event Ideas
These are some of the ideas that artists have come up with so far, again, feel free to reach out to artists with questions and your own ideas!

Streetcorner Letterpress remote printing options
Base rate is $250, and we’d like to have people contact us for a full quote depending on design.

During the pandemic, Streetcorner Letterpress is offering remote printing services. We’ll design and print creative postcards that invite engagement at a social distance. Our artful designs printed on antique letterpresses will result in beautiful print souvenirs that recipients will cherish. Consider sending your patrons a prompt to reengage them and invite their input. Postcard prompt responses can be safely shared remotely. Invite recipients to fill in the blank, snap a photo, and send it to you — or share on social media with a hashtag to build a digital conversation. Alternately, we can print cards that share a note of kindness, inspirational quotes, or meditative reflections. Let’s talk about how best we can help you reach your audience through thoughtfully crafted, one-of-a-kind postcards.

Virtual Kitchen School
Learn about the herbs in your neighborhood. Join Jess Hirsch for a plant walk in your neighborhood and learn what plants you can use to make medicinal teas, tinctures, and salves. Hirsch will leave a little wooden sign with the plant name at each stop on the walk so participants can individually safely take the walk in the future. These walks can be instagram live or a pre-recorded video for your use on your platform. If live, Hirsch will answer questions throughout the process.

Each walk will cost $150 to cover prep time, admin time, and live footage. Until the stay at home order lifts, this offering will only be available in the twin cities for the safety of the state.

Mobile Comedy Suitcase
My joke writing activities work very well on digital platforms and I’m happy to offer them.
Can bring in pre-written jokes on specific theme and topic for participants to tell as well as facilitate the writing of jokes that fit a theme.
$150 for two hours

Mobile Sign Shop Corona virus options
Social distance sign making
-Similar to what we already do, but with social distancing/no contact in mind.
-Extra tables for painting- works best with pre-scheduled time slots.
$465 for sixty sign blanks+paint etc.

No contact, do-it-yourself, at-home sign making.
-Participants pick up sign blanks in parking lot, draw word/name on sign in car, drop off in box.
-We carve signs while participants wait in car.
-When done, we place sign in car and sign goes home for painting.
$350 for sixty sign blanks- no paint.

Poetry Mobile
Molly Van Avery has been doing remote poetry sessions where she talks to people on the phone and writes a poem for them to send either to themselves or to someone they love in the mail. Each session is about 20-30 minutes long.
“It has been so wonderful. I have been doing at max 3 a day because of childcare, but if libraries are willing to work with me on schedule, I could figure out an easy sign up registration system. Also, I am hoping to have childcare up and running this summer, but who the hell knows.
It has been totally incredible. I can also send the libraries images of the poem with an accompanying story and the whole thing is pretty dang love-affirming.

Pedal to the Metal
Jessica Bergman Tank has lots of ideas about socially-distanced metal casting!
I can send kits for folks to carve and I can record pouring of kits and send back finished pieces.

Projects could be …
-Covid Charm Bracelets
-scratch tiles (molds sent to locations would be sand molds that are modified by participants), can be passed out to individuals or installed on location to make a “tiled” sculpture/installation – could be on wall, ground, or attached to pillar, or artist created structure
-participants mold fun objects with mold putty I send them, I cast in lead-free pewter and send back
-participants send thoughts and fears re-covid 19 on paper along with sketches/words/reactions/symbols. I use imagery to create a cast metal sculpture and in the process help release challenging fears/thoughts written on paper by ceremoniously burning them in the furnace along with the melting metal
-participants make drawing/send thoughts/language/symbols and I translate into cast metal tiles, sculptures in the round, necklaces, cast metal worry stones

Animation Station
John Akre has been planning a virtual Animation Station for Art-A-Whirl 2020 with submissions of images and then animating them and live-streaming the animation work with those images. Here is the plan:
This could be recreated for any community in the state!

The Wonder Drum can connect through the internet!
Trading sounds together, making rhythms remotely, even cooking up songs.
The Wonder Drum, and, you know, Me, we’re available. ?

Driving to Drum
Virtual drum circle participation consisting of 3 drummers and two dancers plus the cost of a videographer. Basically, we set up under the RV’s canopy spaced six feet apart in a V formation of Drummers encircled by two dancers.
Virtual pricing for a 15-minute video presentation is still being negotiated.

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